Let advanced analytics be your guide!

Big data & Analytics, buzzwords certainly not in short supply. However, both more important than ever in present-day business. The implications for organizations are tremendous, using big data analytics to identify valuable new opportunities – which eventually lead to smarter strategic decisions – and more effective and efficient procedures. Who does not want to endeavour for cost reduction and competitive advantage, and empower their business with faster and better decision-making?

In a while, your products or services will be outdated. The question is: Will you make yourself obsolete or wait for your competitors to do so?


Topics which will be addressed during the Big Data & Analytics Conference Belgium:

  • Big data, big value: Data driven innovation in a competitive marketplace
  • Data Governance, Self-service BI, Data registration
  • Big data, big relevance: Data Quality, Data value, Data relevancy
  • Ethics: the gap between possibility and legal permission
  • GDPR: guidance for compliance
  • Advanced Analytics: Impact of predictive analytics on your Business Model

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The Big Data & Analytics Conference will take place on December 7th at De Montil in Affligem.

De Montil N.V. | S.A.
Moortelstraat 8
B-1790 Affligem

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